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Authentication plugin for SAML 2.0 based SSO integration. This uses the excellent SimpleSAMLPHP software as a Service Provider.

The plugin is shipped as part of core Mahara.

To use / test the plugin you will need to do the following:

Have a memcached server running

And know what the IP address / port number you can use to connect on.

To install one locally (on linux) go

sudo apt-get install memcached

This should set you up with one running on port 11211 - to test that this is correct you can go

telnet 11211

and you should get a connection

Have the php-memcached module installed

To install it go

sudo apt-get install php-memcached
sudo phpenmod memcached
sudo service apache2 restart

Update your config.php file so that it knows to use memcached for SAML sessions

Add the following settings

$cfg->ssphpsessionhandler = 'memcached';
$cfg->memcacheservers = ''; // change if your memcached server is on different IP/port

Ensure the correct SSPHP files are present

If you are installing/using Mahara via git you will need to install the ssphp module via running the command in the parent to the htdocs directory (where the Makefile file lives)

make cleanssphp && make ssphp

This should remove any older version and install the latest version, via composer, for the Mahara version you are using

Ensure the plugin is active in Mahara

Under Administration menu (wrench icon) -> Extensions -> Plugin administration. See Manual - SAML config for more information

Click on the configuration for auth SAML (cog) icon to check that the plugin is set up correctly.

Follow the 'View metadata' link to fetch the Service Provider (SP) metadata that you will need to provide to the IdPs that you wish to authenticate against.

Now we need to perform the institution level configuration

Within each institution, add the SAML 2.0 Identity Provider:

See Manual - SAML institution config for more information