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This feature will replace the current flash player in Mahara by an open source HTML5 media player.

A comparison of HTML5 players

Criteria to choose

  • Open source - is it a GPLv3 or compatible?
  • Easy to use - is it easy to use it, does it have an intuitive interface to control?
  • Accessibility - does it support keyboard control, subtitles, multiple language?
  • Multiple mobile platforms support - does player also work on iOS and Android?
  • Consistency among browsers, platforms - does player look the same in different browsers, handheld devices?
  • Audio ready - can it play audio files?
  • Multiple media support - can it play different media file types?
  • Flash fallback - does it also work with old flash media?
  • Documentation - can we easily integrate it into mahara?
  • Plugins/extension support - can we use or develop community plugins easily?
  • Streaming media support - can player handle RTMP, Apple HLS, Adobe HDS, Microsoft HSS? (bonus)
  • Helpful community - how easily can we get help from its community? (bonus)
  • Performance (bonus)