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Please see for proposed features and those that are being worked on

This page is here for historical reasons only and new ideas should be proposed in Specifications in Development and are the linked to a blueprint to keep track of their status more easily.

Mahara 1.4

This upgrade is aimed at improving the usability in the following areas.

Each of these areas is described in more detail in the wiki topics below  including with a link to a forum topics to discuss this in further detail.

  1. Look and feel 
  2. General Improvements 
  3. Views (aka Pages) 
  4. Groups 
  5. Journals 
  6. Documentation and training Materials 

Mahara 1.3

The following new features are coming in Mahara 1.3:

  • Simplified navigation
  • Gravatar support
  • RSS feeds for public blogs
  • Pluggable anti-spam system
  • View themes
  • Email bounce handling
  • Moodle 2.0 Porfolio API support
  • View/artefact feedback enhancements
  • Statistics in the Admin area
  • New blocktypes: notifications, recently modified views, recent forum posts
  • Configurable forum post indentation
  • Personal dashboard

Future Releases

The following list details areas of work that can be performed on Mahara. They are not listed in any particular order. The order in which they are implemented is open; when they are implemented depends on the Mahara project finding funding for them. Maybe you can help! Providing funding will get a feature implemented faster, and you will be able to influence the behaviour and architecture to advantage your own needs. If you want to do this, post in the appropriate thread in the Roadmap & Funding forum.


A few ideas for the improvement of groups include Group Blogs and the ability for people to mass-add or mass-invite users to Controlled/Invite groups.

Views (aka Pages)

There are many things we could do to the View interface, such as improvements to View feedback (editing/deleting feedback), PDF generation, password access, theming support, multipage Views (in effect - 'websites'), categorisation of views (& even setting access for groups of views) and more.

More information about the Views roadmap item...


Mahara's Resume plugin provides simple Resume building functionality, but with some effort we can add many new features to it, such as custom fields, Europass CV support, PDF generation and more.

More information about the Resume roadmap item...

Tagging & Searching

Mahara allows the input of tags on many artefacts, and on Views, but does not provide useful ways to search and visualise these tags. In addition, the ability to search both your things and others' things they have made available to you is limited. There are many improvements we could make in these areas.

Moodle/Mahara Integration

Integration with Moodle is one of the great features of Mahara, and there are so many ways we can build upon the framework in place. Some ideas include linking the two for assessment purposes, automatically creating Mahara Groups to match Moodle Courses, import of content from Moodle and using Moodle's repository API to allow users to use their Mahara resources within Moodle.

Improvements for School Usage

We've gathered some feedback from people either using or intending to use Mahara within a school setting (both "secondary" - 11-17 years - and "primary" - 5-10). As well as theming and wording issues (there is some overlap with usability here), common themes include having more control over the social networking side of the system and ways to get parents involved.


This covers not just the installer/upgrader, but the processes surrounding both. The current installer is adequate for now, though there are a few things we could do to take it to the next level.

Customising the Interface

Easier installation and customisation of language packs, giving the user the ability to choose their theme...