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      <h3>Please see for proposed features and those that are being worked on</h3>
[ Discuss this topic].
[ Discuss this topic].

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Please see for proposed features and those that are being worked on

Discuss this topic.

A strong emphasis on good practice web design of the UI – i.e. page layout of functional elements, typefaces, colours used, buttons both in size and relative positioning, consistency of terminology and behaviours of buttons and menus.

  • Different colours for different functions. E.g. Green for the core action, light grey for the lesser action.
  • Button size and layout. E.g. i.e. more appealing designs. See sites like, and for good examples.
  • Use of quality icons, more legible and distinguishable
  • New site themes – theme selector for User
  • Well designed View themes / borders
  • Edit text instructions
  • Increase spacing between lines and things like the Help button
  • Update and ensure consistency of error messages and their behaviour in different browsers
  • Consistency of hyperlink colours

1.1 Navigation

  • Simplified navigation at both 1st and 2nd level.
  • Settings, Login goes up to the top nav – e.g. Facebook, Linkedin etc.
  • Dashboard is the Dashboard View or My Page. This is current behaviour in version 1.3 but should be renamed to Dashboard. Xero accounting software uses a similar approach. Home is the front page of the system before logging in.
  • A Teacher’s Dashboard provides a tagcloud of Views in their My Groups, indicators of recent activities etc. This should enhance overall management of their students.
  • Journal (blogs) becomes a top-level menu item




  • Journal.png