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Moodle & Mahara plugins for Portfolio assignment submission

You can install two plugins for Moodle that will allow Mahara users to submit their Mahara Pages to a Moodle course for assessment. An additional Mahara plugin allows Outcomes from the Moodle grading of the pages to be visible inside Mahara.

This page describes the installation process for Moodle 2.0 and 2.1. If you have Moodle 1.9, please see the installation instructions for Mahara-Moodle View Submission on Moodle 1.9

Local-Mahara (Moodle plugin)

The first plugin is a Moodle local plugin. This sets up some mnet functions to

  1. get listings of a user's Mahara views within Moodle,
  2. submit a Mahara view to the Moodle mnet host (rather than to a Mahara group)

Mahara Portfolio assignment (Moodle assignment type)

The second plugin is a Moodle assignment type called "Mahara portfolio". When a student visits an assignment of this type they are provided with a simple interface to choose one of their Mahara pages to submit for assessment.

When the teacher looks at the assignment submissions, they see a link to the students' submitted views in Mahara.

Outcomes Artefact (Mahara plugin)

If you intend to grade the Mahara portfolio assignments using Outcomes, and you would like students to be able to keep track of the Outcomes for their pages on the Mahara side, you can do this with the Mahara Outcomes artefact plugin.

This plugin adds an "Outcomes" submenu item under the Portfolio menu in Mahara. Currently this only only allows for students to see their own outcomes.


  1. You need a Moodle 2.0+/Mahara 1.2+ pair already set up with SSO in the Moodle -> Mahara direction. Instructions can be found in the Mahoodle pdf document
  2. Get the two Moodle plugins mahara-contrib-local-mahara-moodle21.tar.gz and mahara-contrib-mod-assignment-type-mahara-moodle21.tar.gz. Unzip these. The into the Moodle. The local-mahara tarball contains a mahara-contrib-local-mahara folder, the contents of which should go into a local/mahara/ folder in Moodle. The mod-asssignment-type-mahara tarball contains a mahara-contrib-mod-assignment-type-mahara folder, and the contents of this should be put into the mod/assignment/type/mahara/ folder in Moodle.
  3. Log into Moodle as administrator and visit /admin to install the mnet functions.
  4. In the admin section, visit Networking -> Peers Click on your mahara host, and then on the Services tab. Under Mahara assignment mnet module, check Subscribe, and save changes.

Teachers should now be able to select the "Mahara Portfolio" assignment from the Activity drop-down in the Moodle courses.

Outcomes Installation

If you are going to use the outcomes artefact, you will also need to do the following in Moodle:

  1. Enable outcomes (under Site Administration -> Advanced Features)
  2. Add some outcomes to the Moodle site. This can be done at grade/edit/outcome/import.php by uploading a csv file containing a list of outcomes and associated scales. Outcomes csv format
  3. Apply some outcomes to the course which will have the Mahara assignment
  4. Add some outcomes in the assignment settings for each Mahara assignment

And you will need to do the following in Mahara:

  1. Get the Mahara outcomes artefact plugin from mahara-contrib-plugin-artefact-outcome-master.tar.gz. This should be unzipped inside the htdocs/artefact/outcome/ folder in Mahara.
  2. Install the outcomes artefact plugin in Mahara under Site Administration -> Administer Extensions (There should be a small 'install' link at the bottom of the 'artefact' list).

User Documentation

User documentation is available in the Mahara/Moodle outcomes micro manual.

Known bugs/limitations

Nothing stops a student from submitting a single page to two different assignments.

Nothing stops a student from submitting one page, and then subsequently resubmitting a different page to the same assignment (up until the due date).

Once a page is submitted to Moodle, it cannot be released for editing on the Mahara site *unless* you have the outcomes artefact plugin installed on the Mahara site. If the outcomes plugin is installed, submitted views are released at grading time, when the outcomes are sent to Mahara.

When a page is submitted, an invisible "secret url" access record is created to ensure the teacher has permission to see the submitted page in Mahara. However, when the page is released after grading, this record stays invisible to the page owner. Really it should be made visible, so that the owner can remove it if they wish.

See "discussion page" for a little bug to correct.

The Mahara assignment type has a "comment inline" option, which came from the online assignment type. It's not really appropriate for the Mahara assignment and should be removed.


The original Moodle 1.9 version of these plugins were funded through a grant from the New Hampshire Department of Education to a collaborative group of the following New Hampshire school districts:

The upgrade to Moodle 2.0 and 2.1 was written by Aaron Wells at Catalyst IT, and supported by:

The plugin does not work with Moodle 2.3 or higher.