Final Checks

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🟡 Security team (if you don't have +2 review status, you won't be able to see these patches)

🚨 Make sure that any security reviews/patches are merged before proceeding 🚨

  • Merge the 'Private' security patches.
  • Update the related Launchpad bugs to 'Public security'.

🟡 Release manager

  • CVE #'s - Security issues have an assigned CVE number?
  • Backporting - security fixes backported to all supported versions that need them?
  • Bugs fixed - all bugs going into his release have their fixes merged for all supported versions?
  • Comms - to Mahara partners + drafted the forum posts?

🟡 All devs

  • Confirm your minor point release number, i.e. check the latest minor point release and add 1, e.g. 21.10.4 -> 21.10.5
  • (Security team) Cherry-pick the security bugs with the status ' Confirmed' to your minor point branch. e.g. _DEV
  • Create a release on the milestone on Launchpad to receive the release generated tarballs
  • git pull mahara-scripts
  • Valid GPG - ensure you have a valid GPG key added to your Launchpad account: See
  • lptools - ensure you have the lp-upload-project installed for uploading the release tars: apt-get install lptools