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Elements and Selectors

Elements and selectors are used in the syntax in the steps. They help Behat identify what exactly you want it to click on.

  • Element and Selectors are to be used in unison. An Element is the title of the selector you are using. Ie, If you need to press a button. The button is the Selector and then Element is the name of the button.

As an example:

And "$elements" "$selector" should be visible

Would be written as:

And "Create page" "button" should be visible


  • Element are the title of the selector.

The hard one is: "css_elemet"

  • For this you need to right click-> Inspect Element and then find the class or Id. Class is recognized by a full stop and ID is recognized by a #.

For example using the search box on the copy page or collection:

And I click on ".query-button" "css_element"


Where ever it says "Selector" any of these forms of selectors can be used:

  • dialogue
  • block
  • region
  • table_row
  • link
  • button
  • link_or_button
  • select
  • checkbox
  • radio
  • file
  • filemanager
  • optgroup
  • option
  • table
  • field
  • fieldset
  • text
  • css_element
  • xpath_element