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Like Moodle [1], we integrate Behat, a behavioural driven development (BDD) tool for describing Mahara's features and automatically testing them.

Getting started guide

This guide will show you how to start running Behat tests on a Mahara site

  • Requirements
    • PHP 5.3+
    • A standalone web server. If you are using PHP 4+, you can run the built-in PHP server insteads.
    • Selenium Server (optional).
  • Instructions to run a test

Step 1. Install a Mahara site The current branch of mahara with behat is on [email protected]:~ngson2000/mahara/ngson2000s-mahara.git

Launch the web server for testing

For example, launch the built-in PHP server

cd <mahara docroot>
php -S localhost:8000

The URL of the test site will be http://localhost:8000

Step 2. Edit htdocs/config.php adding the following lines

// Behat config
$cfg->behat_dbprefix = 'behat_'; // must not empty
$cfg->behat_dataroot = '<path to behat dataroot>';
$cfg->behat_wwwroot = '<URL to the test site>';

Step 3. Edit test/behat/behat.yml changing the base_url

base_url: <URL to the test site>>

Step 4. Initilise the behat environment

php test/behat/scripts/init.php

Step 5. Run the selenium server in another terminal(optional)

java -jar /path/to/your/selenium/server/selenium-server-standalone-2.NN.N.jar

Step 6. Run a test suite

cd test/behat

This will run tests for all features in the folder test/behat/features