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Please see for proposed features and those that are being worked on.

This page is kept for historical purposes only. The ideas that have been implemented are listed below, and those not yet implemented but worthwhile keeping have been consolidated in the 'Specifications' area.

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  • Guests (not logged in users) can comment – just like blog commenting (requires Captcha)
  • Report content – goes to Institution Admin and Group Owner to which the View belongs
  • Discussion - Institution Only Friendships – Group Institutions. The “walled gardens” Dan Poltawski has done?
  • RSS feeds out
  • Image management – resizing on the fly, i.e. picture should automatically resize to column width. Image size editing.
  • Menu consolidation to improve information architecture
  • Simple URL for showcasing a public View
  • Improve Search and expand the tag search (not limit it to an individual's tags).

Plugin Content Blocks

These are examples.