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This is a short description of how we could integrate the CPD plugin with the existing résumé artefact plugin.

New tab in the résumé pluging

Given that a CPD is very much related to someone's professional career, it would be nice if it were grouped under the résumé tab instead of being a top-level item under "Portfolio".

Kristina suggests placing the tab between "achievements" and "goals".

New options in the résumé field block

Once the CPD is a part of the résumé, then the block could be removed and instead all of the different CPDs for a user could be listed as fields in the big list with radio buttons inside the "One résumé field" block.

Merging the code of the two artefact plugins

Ideally, the CPD artefact type would not exist and it would be part of the résumé artefact type.

This doesn't mean that the DB table structure has to change, simply that the code would be moved and that tables would be renamed.