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School usage refers to how Mahara is used in a school environment. There are three main levels of schools that most countries have:

Each countries divides these levels officially at different ages, so no matter age cut-offs are used, somebody is gong to say that it is not correct. In terms of Mahara, we have to define something.

Most people will not dispute that age 18 is valid approximate cut-off for people entering trade school, college, university or other institute of higher learning. Age 13 is used as a cut-off between primary school and secondary school, because in the United States of America, according to the laws of COPPA (Child Online Privacy and Protection Act), a child can register for a public forum, Facebook, and other on-line social environments without their parents permission. Whatever education a school is going to give in social interaction online, if it has not already been done in the upper primary education, needs to be done in the secondary education.


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