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Warning: The information on this page is obsolete and kept mainly for historical purposes.

To create a new project in Mahara Contrib for a contributor, follow these steps:

  1. Add a new repo in Gitorious (inside the mahara-contrib project):
  2. Add the maintainer as a contributor
  3. Create a new sub-project of Mahara-Contrib in Launchpad (you must be a direct member of the Mahara Contributors team for that to work):
  4. Configure the project:
    • Bugs: in Launchpad
    • Code: imported from Gitorious
    • Translations: external
    • Answers: external
    • Download URL should be where the person puts their tarballs (typically a Mahara view)
    • (optionally) Click on "change branding" and use the plugin icon as the 64x64 and 14x14 icons
  5. Finally when you're all done setting up the project, set the contributor as the maintainer of the Launchpad project