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Agenda for the 8th Mahara Developer Meeting

  1. Items from previous meeting
  2. Bug status proposal: [Francois]
    1. every new feature on master should have a bug report associated with it
    2. fixes for bugs that have never been in a release should be marked as "fix released" with no milestone
    3. when using 'fix committed', you must set the milestone to indicate which release will get that fix
    4. add requirement for bug number in commit messages to Makefile for jenkins [Andrew]
  3. MaharaUK2011: [Stacey]
    1. General discussion about the recent Mahara Conference UK 2011 and anything of interest that came about from that
    2. forum badges [Ruslan (Tom Bell's idea)]
  4. Mahara Reviewer applications: [ Hugh, Brett, Darryl ]
  5. Invitation to join the Debian Packaging team [Francois]
  6. MNet future [Ruslan]
    1. We're adding Web Services to 1.5 [Piers]
  7. Update on the user manual [Kristina]
  8. Next meeting
    1. Suggested date/time: Thursday, 28 July 2011, 08:30:00 UTC
  9. Any other business