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Agenda for the 9th Mahara Developer Meeting

  1. Items from previous meeting
  2. Unit testing (dobedobedoh)
    1. Selenium/Unit tests with commits (hugh)
  3. <other agenda items>
  4. Next meeting - Proposed 1/09/11 - 19:30 UTC
  5. Any other business

Unit Testing (dobedobedoh)

I've updated the phpunit branch that Mjollnir` worked on in 2009 and rebased it on master. It required a few minor tweaks and is mostly Mjollnir`'s work. I'd like to look at integrating it into master ASAP with the view that we can get some unit tests started and included in Mahara 1.5.

The current branch is available at;a=shortlog;h=refs/heads/phpunit. With the new age of Gerrit, I didn't want to simply push all of the commits -- not least because some are missing Mjollnir`'s Sign-off, but also because there are several commits which could/should be squashed. I'd like to generate some discussion on the best way to proceed with this integration whilst still retaining original authorship if/where possible as this is a topic which may pop up from time to time.