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Agenda for the 13th Mahara Developer Meeting

Chair: Hugh Davenport

  1. Items from previous meeting
    1. dobedobedoh to create a bug for modifying release & test running scripts to look for tests in the right places. DONE
    2. dobedobedoh to look at the possibility of adding a hook to the Makefile to reject patches with security bugs in the subject
    3. dajan to report on tagging existing 1.5 features on the tracker: newfeature tag
  2. Update on the user manual (Kristina)
  3. Changes to the backend password hash function (hugh)
  4. Large bug triage and 1.5.0 (Francois)
    • reviewing bugs assigned to yourself
    • adding missing bugs to the milestone
  5. Next meeting and Chair
  6. Any other business