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Agenda for the 27th Mahara developer meeting on Thursday, 5 September 2013, 8:00 UTC.

Chair: Aaron Wells


  1. Items from last meeting
    1. Aaron to see about changing the channel operators on the #mahara-dev IRC room, and running his own copy of meetbot
  2. Aaron to discuss switching to asynchronous meetings.
  3. Dajan improvements to the Mahara admin interface for installing/deleting plugins
  4. Aaron: Exceptional cases when an approved code reviewer may push code directly without another reviewer looking at it:
    1. Cherry-picking of already approved commits that only touch relatively few lines of code to other supported branches that do not cause merge conflicts
    2. Patches that only make changes to comments or documentation files but do not touch Mahara code
    3. Changes to development tools (?)
    4. Patches reverting things that caused major regressions because the original code had already been reviewed
  5. Update on the 1.8 release (Kristina)
  6. (Your agenda item here!)
  7. Next meeting and chair
  8. Any other business