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Agenda for the 85th Mahara developer meeting on Tuesday, 3 August 2021 at 23:00 UTC

Please RSVP to this meeting. We will meet using Big Blue Button (Kristina will initiate the call).

Our Mahara channel on Matrix will be our backup in case there are problems with the web conferencing tool and we'll need to chat to resolve it. You can connect to our Matrix channel also using the #mahara channel on Freenode IRC.

  • Chair: Kristina Hoeppner
  • Minute taker: Gold


  • Items from previous meetings: Nothing
  • Alternating meeting time to accommodate team from the U.S.A.
  • Mahara 21.10 release
  • Update on Elasticsearch
  • Your item here
  • Any other business
  • Next meeting and chair


  • Chair: Kristina Hoeppner, Catalyst IT, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Minute taker: Gold, Catalyst IT, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand
  • Brian Beck,, San Antonio, Texas
  • Adam Bark,, San Antonio, Texas
  • Doris Tam, Catalyst IT, Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand


Recording of the meeting

  • Items from previous meetings: Nothing
  • Agreed on alternating meeting times to accommodate the Americas and EU.
  • Mahara 21.10 release
    • second half of October
    • Current new 21.10 features, more are still in code review.
    • Anticipated Release Candidate mid-September 2021
  • Update on Elasticsearch
    • Major rewrite as so much has changed
    • Still anticipating it getting into 21.10
  • Bootstrap Carousel doesn't animate correctly
    • Perhaps a hangover from bootstrap upgrade?
    • Bug report to come from Adam
  • TinyMCE stripping certain styles
    • This is related to HTMLPurifier
    • Filters can be written to let certain styles through. Alternatively/in addition classes can be added to a custom theme
    • Kristina to check with Evonne how to get the custom styles into TinyMCE
  • Collections with sub-collections/folders
    • Question: Is it possible to group collections? Answer: Not at this stage. It had come up in a conversation that Kristina had via email, but so far the Mahara core team does not have an active project or a planned one and is not aware of someone looking into adding another layer.
    • When thinking about a grouping, careful consideration is necessary to know who shall be able to see such a category (only the portfolio author or also others), how does it affect the collection and the pages within etc.
    • The 'Navigation' block might be able to be used as a work around right now: After you created all collections, create a page that contains a 'Navigation' block for each collection for easy access. When you share the collections, you also need to share that page holding the navigation blocks and vice versa because the page permissions are not automatically transferred to collections that are linked via the 'Navigation' block.
  • Mahara Mobile was updated with security updates from React Native
  • Mahara on mobile browser swipe issue: The JQuery UI components used in Grid Stack prevent touch swipe for scrolling on mobile devices. A proposed fix is in code review.

Action items

  • Kristina to announce alternating times.
  • Bootstrap Carousel issue: Bug coming from Adam
  • Kristina to check with Evonne how to get the custom styles into TinyMCE

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