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Since we have stopped using the IRC meetings, we now need the chair role to lead the meeting and a minute taker to keep track of the discussion and take minutes.

Before the meeting


  • Hint: "watch" the agenda wiki page to receive email notifications when someone adds something to it
  • 1 week before the meeting, send a reminder to the developer forum.
  • 1 day before the meeting, send a reminder to the developer forum.
  • The day of the meeting: Pick the proposed date and time for the next meeting (to be discussed at the end of the meeting).

During the meeting


  • Open the meeting
  • Start by asking participants to state their name at the beginning of the meeting.
  • Lead the meeting and give people the floor for what they want to discuss, keep track of time, and move onto the next topics.
  • Close the meeting when it's done.

Minute taker

  • If a participant says something that should appear in the minutes, capture that in the minutes. Where possible link to bug reports, documentation, code review items etc. if mentioned to find them easily.
  • Take notes about topics, ideas, general information, agreed items, and actions to be taken.

After the meeting

Minute taker

  • Edit the agenda page with the current minutes on the Developer Meetings page.
  • Create an entry for the next meeting on the same page along with an empty agenda page.
  • In the forum thread for the meeting that just passed, make a new post and let people know where to find the minutes from the meeting and announce the next meeting, linking to the empty agenda page. You may also put a link to the specific worldclock page with the meeting times shown in different time zones.

Additional suggestions

  • Deadline for agenda items. Anything not added gets pushed to the next meeting
  • Have a future meeting agenda items page on the wiki (final row in the table) for items not going into the schedules meeting

Useful links

Developer Meeting Guidelines discussion on the forum.