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It would be a great pleasure if you would accept my application to the Mahara core team.

Who: Ghada El-Zoghbi

Where: Catalyst IT – Sydney

What: Senior Developer

Date of application: 21 March 2014


I've been working with PHP/MySql/PostGres/Apache for over 10 years and with Catalyst for the past 7 months.

I've been involved with Mahara while at Catalyst:

  • A major piece of work was to upgrade a Mahara site from 1.4 to 1.8. That instance of Mahara was heavily customised with changes to core files. I performed the following:
    • Pulled out customisations from core files and created new artefacts. Such as:
      • artefact/event: maintain and publish events
      • aretefact/commentlike: implement a 'like' on a page.
      • aretefact/loggedoutgroup: display some data about groups to logged out users.
      • artefact/mentoring: setup a user's mentor status/details.
      • artefact/poll: maintain polls and allow users to create polls on their pages.
      • artefact/standard: implement Principals Standards.
      • artefact/reporting: implement extra reports.
      • breadcrumbs
      • etc...
    • Modified the code to bring it up to security standard:
      • remove direct reference to $_POST and $_REQUEST variables and instead use standard Mahara functionality (i.e. param_alpha, param_integer, etc).
      • Use Mahar's 'safe_require' instead of PHP's 'require'.
  • Contributed enhancements to core Mahara code:
    • Implement Elasticsearch with MySql (Bug#1237198)
    • In Elasticsearch, set the second column to sort by score (Bug#1247729)
    • Notify administrators if institutional membership is full. (Bug#1204699)
  • Fixed bugs in core Mahara code:
    • Elasticsearch doesn't find media in a group (Bug#1237177)
    • Report objectionable material with no message doesn't get sent to admin with digest emails. (Bug#1075760)
  • Contributed to testing by logging bugs when found and with possible solutions.

I've also attended:

  • Mahara e-Portfolio Forum in October 2013 in Canberra, AU
  • Mahara Hui Conference in March 2014 in Wellington, NZ