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Please add anything that you think could be documented better in Mahara and try to be as specific as possible:

  • Pieforms:
    • TODO: what sort of things would be most helpful here? tutorials? API documentation?
  • What is the directory structure? I go to the directory structure of MediaWiki or Joomla, and it is very easy to see where the themes directory is. Can't figure that out in Mahara. There seem to be different ones. I have found several themes directories, but I cannot figure out the relationship between them.
    • Where are the files (artifacts) that are uploaded stored? Can't figure this one out. End up giving up, and placed the images in a main directory that the user can link to.
  • Development:
    • How exactly does a person add an extension to Mahara? Again, in MediaWiki and Joomla, it is very easy -- there is an extensions directory, and there is a clear place on the main website for community contributed extensions.
    • The structure that is needed for the index page, how does mahara make DB calls and how does it print the information on the screen.
  • Pedagogical matters:
    • Using Maraha for different student groups: Elementary 1st - 5th graders; Middle School; High School; College. One would assume that different age groups would use Mahara in different ways. Examples of final student pages on how the different groups used Mahara.
  • Debugging:
    • TODO: need to add details here
  • Specific features:
    • How does a student add their own theme for their own pages?
      • Above one is more related to a bug in the system. Do you realize that if a person add a text block to a page that they can only link to an image from an URL and not their own uploaded images? Who puts images in a complete block by itself? All images should accompany text, but if you can't add text and images together (unless the images come from the web) ... what is the point of being able to upload images? A circular issue.
  • Theming
    • What are the community contributed themes? I joined the theme group, but the group is not very organized in terms of what is a theme and what is other stuff.