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Plugin thumb images for Mahara 1.5 to 1.7

Mahara 1.5 to 1.7, has a new Page editing interface with new icons for adding artefacts and resources. This page is a gallery of downloadable thumb images for third-party plugins for Mahara 1.5. designed to be visually consistent with the new interface. In most cases these are directly taken, with minimal modification, from the original thumbs for Mahara 1.2 to 1.4. However, there are a few alternative images.

In general, a particular image should be renamed as thumb.png and used to replace the existing file in the appropriate location in the Mahara folder structure.

The gallery is not complete, though a thumb-blank.php file is provided for folks to start the design of their own thumbs. Feel free to add your own designs. It is hoped that the gallery layout will help with building a visually consistent set of thumbs, or perhaps different sets for different themes, user contexts etc.

So, if you have graphic design, HCI or accessibility ideas, by all means add files, images and comments to this wiki page.

Plugin thumb gallery

In general, right-click to download image, rename to thumb.png, and use to replace the existing thumb.png in the appropriate location in the Mahara folder structure

Thumb-blank.png Thumb-addthis.png Thumb-chem2d.png Thumb-cpd.png Thumb-embedly.png Thumb-europass.png Thumb-europass-white.png Thumb-freemind.png Thumb-jmol.png Thumb-learningstyles.png Thumb-multipleintelligences.png Thumb-multipleintelligences-grey.png Thumb-twitter.png Thumb-windowslive.png Thumb-windowslive-office.png