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📰 Comms

Let Mahara Partners know one week before the release

🚨 Note: Kristina doeversion to XX.XX.0dev (if you just created the XX.XX_DEV s this task as a member of the Mahara partners group.

Let Mahara Partners know in the Partner forum that a release is upcoming. Details are not shared though as the reports are still embargoed.p

Draft the Security Announcements forum post

Get the announcement information from the Launchpad bug comment/description and format it for the security announcement into HTML.

Draft the News forum post for the security releases

Take the URLs of the newly created security announcement forum posts and insert them into the following template to look something like this.

Note: links to the Security Announcements forum posts will be available once created one the day of the release.

Title:  Mahara security releases <insert milestones part of this release>
Kia ora Mahara community,
We have security updates available for all supported versions of Mahara:
- 21.10.1
These updates include fixes for a number of security vulnerabilities for which you can find more information:
Title of security issue
You can download the latest versions from Launchpad or check out the relevant branch from Git.
We recommend you update your instance of Mahara to the latest minor point release of the series of Mahara you
are using, or if you are on an unsupported version of Mahara, upgrade to a supported one.
Thank you,
<Name of person leading the release>