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Forum Badges

Forums badges was an idea raised by Thomas Bell to increase participation in forums. Initially with the idea of increasing the participation in the Mahara project as a whole, but as discussed in the June 2011 Developer Meeting would be an excellent feature for the Mahara core code too.

Possible forum badge names in

  • Core Developer - a member of the core dev team
  • Code Contributor - someone who has contributed code
  • Code Reviewer - privileged and voted gerrit code reviewer?
  • Bug Squasher - maybe similar to contributor, someone who is noted for tracking and killing bugs (rent-to-kill :P)
  • Mahara Partner -
  • Documentation Worm - (getting silly now?) someone that is prized for creating much needed documentation in the wiki or elsewhere
  • Mahara Guru - An acknowledged community brainiac, but not official partner/core developer/etc... Someone who answers lots of people's questions?
  • Mahara Translator - someone who has committed / helped with translation packs?
  • Community Moderator - Forum moderator
  • Mahara Themer - pixelpusher who is noted for creating theme designs?
  • Maharan - (possibly default for users)

Generic forum badge names for Mahara core?:

  • Moderator
  • Admin
  • Tutor
  • Member

Similar feature in other forums:

  • Ubuntu Community Forums - based on amount of posts, probably uses postcount milestones (perhaps not what I am suggesting here, although could be a small additional feature)
    Ubuntu forum with postcount milestones
  • Moodle forums -
    Moodle Forum user with two badges