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The Submissions plugin provides two basic functionalities.

Group submissions

For group tutors and admins this plugin adds a comfortable management of current and already released group submissions by providing a sort and filterable table in its own group tab including direct access to the portfolios resp. their archived version.

Additional metadata is also provided together with the possibility to release the portfolio or to assign an evaluator and an evaluation result.

All user involved submissions

Under Menu->Share->Submissions the user has the possibility to view the above mentioned table with the same functionality for all his groups he is member in. Two more columns ("Group name" and "Role") are displayed here in addition. This table can be used as a Mahara internal "grading book light" for it provides all submissions the user made on the platform. In addition it is a great simplification for assessors, because they don't need to visit each group to evaluate the related submissions individually but can do all evaluations and releases from this "central assessment point".

The submissions table

The submissions table provides following sortable and filterable columns

SubmissionId (invisible by default)

The internal Mahara submission ID

EvaluationId (invisible by default)

The internal Mahara evaluation ID

Group (Only user involved submissions table)

The group name the submission is made to

Role (Only user involved submissions table)

The role of the user in the group of the submission


The name of the submitter

Display name

The display name of the submitter


The submitted portfolio name


The date of the submission


The name of the assessment task, if the portfolio was assigned to one


The name of the evaluator


The last comment of the evaluator on the submitted view/on the first view of a submitted collection


The rating of the last comment of the evaluator


Possible values: No result (blue icon Questionmark), revision (yellow icon Refresh), fail (red icon Remove), success (green icon Check)


Possible values: Submitted, Completed If user is assessor and the submission is not yet released, a release button is displayed in the color of the result


Sorting can be applied by clicking on the sorting icon in a column header and toggles then between upward and downward sorting.

Sorting multiple columns

By holding the shift key the sorting can include multiple columns.

Table command buttons

Column visibility

By clicking "Column visibility" the display of individual columns can be toggled on and off.


By clicking "Copy" the table content is copied in the csv format to the clipboard for insertion into Excel like programs.


By clicking "PDF" a pdf document with selected table content is created.


By clicking "Excel" an xlsx file can be directly stored to the file system or opened in Excel.

Global search

The table can be filtered unspecifically by typing into this text input field resulting in displaying all rows having matching column values.

Reordering columns

By dragging a column header sidewards it is possible to reorder columns.