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Released: 5 September 2008


You MUST install this from scratch, upgrading from trunk or from a previous stable release is NOT supported.

This is a preview release of Mahara 1.1 Sonorus. Things will be broken! Please do not file bug reports, but we are interested to hear your feedback on the new features, through #mahara on freenode or the forums at

This release includes:

  • View Templates
    • This is NOT complete yet, but the ability to mark a view for copying, and then performing the actual copying is possible
    • As a result of this, the Site Admins and Institutions have their own Files and Views sections, that they can use to create Views for others to copy
    • Work funded thanks to Glasgow University/Howard Miller:
  • Group Improvements
    • Groups now have Files and Views, which can be collaboratively authored
    • Navigation improvements
    • Group owner is replaced by having one or more Group Admins
    • Artefacts no longer have to be owned by people, now Groups, Institutions or the Site can own artefacts
    • Work funded thanks to GLISI/Ray Merrill:,
  • Single Sign Out from Mahara
    • This will also make it into 1.0.5, but is available as part of this release
    • This is the ability for users to perform single signon from Moodle, and then log out in Mahara and be taken back to Moodle, logged out there also

As mentioned, there is no supported upgrade path. Attempting to upgrade an existing Mahara will result in a broken system, so do not try this yet.