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Mahara 1.2.0alpha3 Release Notes


You MUST install this from scratch, upgrading from trunk or from a previous
stable release is NOT supported.

This is a preview release of Mahara 1.2. Things will be broken!
Please do not file bug reports, but we are interested to hear your
feedback on the new features, through #mahara on freenode or the forums at

This release includes:

 * New 'raw' theme added as a parent for the 'default' theme
 * Many cleanups to templates and css
 * Support for view submission/release to/from mnet peers
 * Slovenian, Dutch, Czech Pieforms translations
 * Show institutions user is a member of on Find Friends, Profile
 * Increase number of users on admin, staff user pages to 250
 * New 'aqua' theme added
 * Wall post deletion
 * Move plugin css to separate stylesheets in the plugin directories
 * Move admin css rules to a separate stylesheet
 * Many new features in import/export
 * Submit block configuration forms using ajax
 * Support for 3-column layout
 * Allow users to browse files area while configuring blocks
 * Check artefact permissions when adding artefacts to blocks with download.php links directly in html
 * XSS fixes from stable branch
 * Subscribe users to topics they create
 * Simplify email notifications of forum posts
 * Refuse to perform new installs on non-UTF8 dbs
 * Easier subscribe/unsubscribe from forum post emails
 * Upgrade phpmailer to 5.0.2
 * Upgrade TinyMCE to 3.2.5
 * Setting to restrict new topic creation to admins/moderators
 * Lots of bug fixes

As mentioned, there is no supported upgrade path. Attempting to upgrade an
existing Mahara will result in a broken system, so do not try this yet.