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For the release of Mahara 19.10, the October 2019 release, a number of features were identified to support the growth of Mahara. This list was updated after the release of Mahara 19.10.

Usability improvements
to simplify the user interface, keep up with the changing world of how people interact with web applications and thus expect from Mahara.
  • Place a generic block onto a page and only then choose the block type rather than defining it at the start. That will support the creation of templates.
  • Change the way learners interact with the building of pages in edit mode to make it more intuitive and reduce the number of clicks to achieve a preferred layout.
  • Make Mahara pages look less blocky, i.e. outsource comments and artefact details information more elegantly allowing viewers who are after the showcase to see that yet at the same time allow those that need to assess the content to still have all those elements available from the same page.
  • More flexible font and colour management in skins

New feature development
to offer tools to learners that they need to create the portfolios they want or are required to set up.
  • Allow learning evidence to be linked to a competency via SmartEvidence directly
  • Additional Moodle-Mahara integration, e.g. in regards to the sharing of notifications
  • Enhancement of the "Plans" feature to use it more easily with tasks and for portfolio templates
  • Allow skins to have background colour or a background image

Technical updates
to make use of new libraries that are used and keep current with technology that is included. That also supports the usability of the site.
Remove database triggers to support cloud-based hosting infrastructures better.

Issue resolution
to fix problems that people have come across.

Not implemented: Moderation mode for sharing of portfolios in contexts that require higher privacy and supervision of shared content.