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Name: Fergus Whyte

Role: Developer

About me: I am a developer living in Wellington, New Zealand. I've been at Catalyst IT since 2013, and have worked on the Elearning and Mahara teams, and it would be awesome to be an Approved Mahara Developer!


The largest features I have contributed to on the Mahara Project are the extension of the Mahara docker image to make it easier to use and set up and the addition of the ability to remove yourself from a portfolio shared with you personally.

Updating the docker image and install scripts allowed me to interact with a variety of the configuration elements for Mahara install. The work on allowing one to remove yourself from a shared portfolio allowed me to interact with various subsystems around Mahara on both the front and backends. I have participated in several other minor bugfixes. I have also completed code reviews for fellow Mahara contributors.


I have participated in one major release cycle, the 21.04 release, and assisted with creating the 18.04.6 release.

Updates / Upgrades

I have supported the upgrade and update of a variety of community sites.

Client work:

I have completed several pieces of client work in my time on the Mahara team, primarily implementing features such the addition of the ability to remove yourself from a portfolio shared with you personally as mentioned above. I have also resolved issues related to memory exhaustion on large portfolio exports.

Bug Fixes and Merged Changes

To see a list of the changes that have become a part of Mahara please see the following: Additionally I was the principle contributor to: