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I hope these few lines can help you decide if I am ready to be an approved Mahara developer. This is my application to be part of the Mahara core team.

Date of application: 21 March 2018.

Position: Junior Developer at Catalyst EU, Brighton office.

About myself: I started working at Catalyst in April 2017. From the begging my work has been mostly on Mahara projects.

Since then, I have worked on bug fixes as well as new features such as a new institution tags feature that may become part of Mahara core in 18.10, plugins of type blocktype, plugins of type module with webservices.

I have also worked on customising existing features such as allowing plan blocktypes to contain more than one plan, allowing tasks to be marked as completed from the plan blocktype when the view is in editing mode, allowing module plugins to extend group menu items and more.

This year I have had the chance to contribute to the Mahara 18.04 release by helping with the development of the new GDPR features. Here is the full list of my patches that have been merge to Mahara core.

I have been involved in the code review +1 of other developers work as well.