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I'm a student at Victoria University of Wellington who worked on Mahara during a summer internship at Catalyst IT (focusing on accessibility improvements). After hearing a whole lot of exciting plans at Mahara Hui 2014, I'm keen to continue contributing!


Accessible dropdown menu

Allowing the dropdown menu to be used with the keyboard, so that it can be accessed by blind users and other people who are unable or unwilling to use a mouse. This is a mostly-custom jQuery solution which allows menu items to be selected with the arrow keys and the Enter key -

Keyboard alternative for drag-and-drop page editor

Adding a keyboard-accessible alternative to dragging and dropping blocks in the page editor. I implemented this by adding dialogs to choose the position of the new block, meaning that both sighted and blind users can use the new system -

Set focus to search results

Another accessibility enhancement; focus is now set to the search results when they are loaded with JavaScript -

Use standard paginator when searching for users

Administration -> Users used to use a custom JavaScript file for the paginator instead of the standard one. I modified it so it extends the standard paginator instead, hopefully making things more maintainable in the future. It also means that the standard "max per page" combobox is used instead of the custom solution that was done before -

Other contributions

A complete list of the patches I've submitted can be found at,n,z

Reviewing patches

(A few of the patches I've helped review)

Rename "Edit site pages" to "General pages" -

Add CSS support for page blocks -

Profile completeness progress bar -

Social profile addresses -


ePortfolios for Everyone: Web accessibility in Mahara at Mahara Hui 2014 -