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** Github:
** Github:
* [[Developer Area/Common issues|Common issues]]
* [[Developer Area/Common issues|Common issues]]
=== Contributing improvements ===
* '''[[Developer_Area/Contributing_Code|Contributing Code]]'''
* '''[[Developer_Area/Coding_guidelines|Coding guidelines]]'''
* '''[[Developer_Area/Code_Review|Commit Policy]]'''
* [ How to submit good bug reports]
* [[Developer_Area/Accessibility_Checklist|Accessibility Checklist]]
* [[Developer_Area/Bug_Status|Bug Status Policy]]
* [[Developer_Area/Bite_Sized|Bite sized code tasks]]
* [[Developer_Area/How_to_Review_Code|How to Review Code]]
* [[Developer_Area/Unit_Testing|Unit Testing]]
* [[Developer_Area/Behat_Testing|Behat Testing]]
* [[Developer_Area/User_manual_setup|User manual setup]]
=== Join in the discussion ===
We have [ a discussion forum] on
You can also find us in #mahara-dev on
If you have not got an IRC client or cannot connect with one, you can use the [ freenode web client].
=== Meeting minutes & dev team notes ===
* [[Developer_Area/Developer_Meetings|Developer Meetings]]
* [[Developer_Area/Packaging|Packaging]]
* [[Developer_Area/Release_Instructions|Release Instructions]]
* [[Developer_Area/Security_Team|Security Team]]
* [[Developer_Area/Specifications_in_Development|Specifications in Development]]
* [[Developer_Area/Significant_Bug_Documentation|Fixes for significant bugs that might bite later]]
== API Documentation ==
These pages describe specific Mahara APIs. '''Note:''' we're in the process of reorganizing our developer documentation, so not all API documentation pages will be present in this list. Please use the wiki's search feature if you don't find what you need here. Also, not all API's are documented. :(
* [[Developer_Area/Mahara_Architecture_Introduction/Core_Subsystems|Architecture Introduction]]
* [[Developer_Area/Hello World|Hello World]]
** My sample page with pieforms and dwoo:
* [[Developer_Area/Database-DML|Database-DML]]
* [[Developer_Area/Database-DDL|Database-DDL]]
** I wrote a forum post here that gives an outline of how the database works:
* [[Developer_Area/Language strings|Language strings]]
* [[Developer_Area/Local customizations]]
** aka the "/local" directory
* [[Developer_Area/Config API|Config API]]
* [[Developer_Area/Retrieving user input|Retrieving user input]]
** aka "What to use instead of $_GET and $_POST"
* [[Developer_Area/Cron API|Cron API]]
* [[Developer_Area/CLI_Framework|CLI Framework]] for writing command-line Mahara scripts
* [[Developer_Area/Events API|Events API]]
* [[Developer_Area/File uploads API|File uploads API]]
* [[Developer_Area/Login form|Login form]]
* [[Developer_Area/Mahara global variables|Mahara global variables]]
* [[Developer_area/Mahara Mobile|Mahara Mobile]]
* [[Developer_Area/Notification Plugins & Activities|Notification Plugins & Activities]]
* [[Developer_Area/Pagetop Constants|Pagetop Constants]]
* [[Developer_Area/Pieforms|Pieforms]]
* [[Developer_Area/Sideblocks API|Sideblocks API]]
* [[Developer_Area/Site menus|Site menus]]
* [[Developer_Area/Smarty&Dwoo|Smarty&Dwoo]]
* [[Customising/Themes|Themes]]
* [[Developer_Area/Webservices|Webservices]]
== Useful Resources ==
* You can [ subscribe to the master branch] on Launchpad to receive an email everytime a commit is made. There is also an  [ RSS feed of commits] if you prefer to receive information that way.
* #mahara-dev on freenode ( is an IRC channel where the core developers discuss the development of Mahara. This channel is not for support of Mahara (use #mahara instead), but you can lurk and listen in on developer conversations - and even hear about the latest new features as they're added ;)
[[Category:Developer Area]]
[[Category:Developer Area]]

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Here is a bunch of developer documentation for Mahara, including design, policy and specific feature documents.

This is for people who want to understand how Mahara works, or want to develop new code or plugins for Mahara. If you want to customise your Mahara - e.g. change the language/theme, or simply install plugins, check out the Customising section.