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We will be having a usability sprint after the Mahara 1.2 release. The goal is to look at Mahara and deduce the core usability issues, and attempt to fix or reduce the impact of these issues. We will also look at a few of the worst screens, some of the terminology, the theme and other such things in order to ease usability further.

Hopefully the discussion that takes place during this time will point out more things to improve on, and raise the awareness of the usability side of Mahara in general.

While we are going to look at fixing certain issues, the focus of this drive is on making sure that the conceptual model of Mahara is more intuitive to users - which means we'll be looking at the "bigger picture", rather than focusing on fixing lots of little things all over the system.

Guiding the usability work will be three members of the Mahara community: Ray Merrill, Myles Carrick and Richard Wyles.


Currently, we are having a series of meetings to identify the main usability issues, and prepare strategies for dealing with them. Actual work will only begin once we have a solid plan, and is slated for the Mahara 1.3 release.