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This was a combination of braindump and subsequent meeting. The meeting took place via Skype at some time during February/March (Nigel can't remember when exactly).


Present a list of potential ideas to Ray in order to get an opinion on whether they're good things to be fixing.


Nigel McNie and Ray Merrill


Things we could do:

  • Rework navigation
    • pulldown menus
    • horizontal navigation "did you want to..."
  • Icons for various entities in the system
  • Terminology changes: view -> web page, artefact -> "stuff"
  • New layout for admin section (reinforce the icons)
  • View interface
    • evidence of task progression
    • blocktype configuration
      • Because the configuration boxes can be made bigger, we can now do things like show the file browser to allow people to pick files. And we can allow people to upload files within the view
    • theming support
    • mulitpage views
    • multiple column sets?
    • View access screen rework
  • Updated homepage content (giving people an overview of what they should be doing. Is there other things we could surface to the home page? Discussion required)