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Agenda for the 5th Mahara Developer Meeting

  1. Items from previous meeting
  2. and AMOS roadmap and funding? [iarenaza]
  3. Forum post editing (bug #731990) [Francois]
  4. Status on code reviews [Francois]
    1. purpose of mahara-shared
    2. create your gerrit account now!
  5. Documentation management [Kristina]
  6. Proposing to license the Mahara wiki content under CC BY-SA 3.0 Unported [Francois]
  7. Removal of httpswwwroot (bug 646713) [Francois]
  8. Leap2A evaluation benchmark research [Kristina]
  9. Chair Duties wiki page [Francois]
  10. Next meeting
  11. Any other business