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Agenda for the 92nd Mahara developer meeting on Tuesday, 8 November 2022 at 23:00:00 UTC

We will meet online using Big Blue Button (A Catalyst staff member will initiate the call).

Our #Mahara channel on Matrix will be our backup in case there are problems with the web conferencing tool and we'll need to chat to resolve it. You can connect to our Matrix channel also using the #mahara channel on Freenode IRC.

  • Chair: Robert Lyon
  • Minute taker: Doris Tam

Chair and minute taker duties explained


Items from previous meetings

  • Robert: Change to makefile to add some basic security checks
  • Update coding and code review guidelines to add words around security
  • Mahara 22.10
  • Roadmap for 23.04, in particular the outcomes portfolio


Recording, though audio only

  • Attendees:
    • Kristina Hoeppner (Wellington, NZ), Mahara project lead, Catalyst IT
    • Robert Lyon (Wellington, NZ) – Mahara tech lead, Catalyst IT
    • Doris Tam (Wellington, NZ) - Mahara developer, Catalyst IT
    • Gold (Wellington, NZ) - Mahara developer, Catalyst IT
    • Adam (Texas, US), Co-founder, LearnOpenTech
    • Beck (Texas, US), Co-founder, LearnOpenTech
  • Change to Makefile to add some basic security checks
    • There is a work in progress patch.
    • This was paused to focus on a team-wide effort to improve security.
  • Mahara 22.10 released! 🎉 (See the release notes for more information)
    • Major technical advancements, especially in PHP 8.1 and streamlining access permissions
    • Small but significant and impactful UX improvements
    • We encourage you to upgrade your Mahara instance to get the latest security patches.
  • Mahara 23.04 - our next release will be feature-packed!
    • Look forward to outcomes portfolios - the better part of the meeting recording talks gives a walk through the functionality; follow along on the wiki pages.
    • Flexible submissions - submitting copies of portfolios rather than the portfolio themselves
    • Higher compliance with PHP 8.1
  • 🎧 New episode of 'Create. Share. Engage.' where we get to chat with Teresa MacKinnon around professional portfolios, values, and transferable skills.
    Episode four of the podcast 'Create. Share. Engage.' is out. A conversation is taken with Teresa MacKinnon about professional portfolios, values, and transferrable skills. Find out more at
  • Next developer meeting: