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MeetBot is an IRC bot program we use for recording logs of Mahara developer meetings and formatting them into HTML. This page is mostly about the technical details of how to install and run that bot.

Using MeetBot

You interact with Meetbot by saying things to it in IRC. For common commands see:

The bot itself

Specifically, MeetBot is a plugin of an IRC bot program called SupyBot. Our usage of it is modeled after the Debian project:

Installing MeetBot

To run MeetBot, you have to install SupyBot, install the MeetBot plugin into SupyBot, and set up a SupyBot configuration file and a set of directories. Fortunately, this has all been wrapped up neatly into a git repository:

So just clone that repository, and follow the instructions in its file.

Running MeetBot

SupyBot and MeetBot can be interacted with by sending them commands in IRC, either by sending those commands to a room they're in, or by sending them a direct message. Most of the MeetBot commands you'll need for running meetings are available on this page: Chair Duties

You shouldn't need to run any SupyBot-specific commands to chair or log a meeting. But if you do, be aware that some SupyBot commands require "owner" access. You can make yourself an owner by using the commandline "supybot-adduser" script, which comes with the supybot apt package. Once you do that, you can identify yourself to SupyBot via IRC, and this will give you access to the owner commands. Descriptions for doing so are in the "mahara-meetbot" git repository.

Meetbot generates several logs for each meeting:

  • a raw IRC log file
  • the IRC log file formatted into HTML
  • a summarized version of the meeting's minutes, based on the #commands executed during the meeting
  • the summarized minutes, formatted into HTML

We make all of these available to the public on this website: You can also see a more organized table of them on the main Mahara developer meetings page.

The logs are also copied into a git repository: